• Clew Bay Couple / Le Couple de Clew Bay (acrylic)

    Ici, j'aime le ciel menaçant au-dessus de ce couple, perdu peut-être dans un instant mélancolique, comme la journée tire à sa fin. J'ai essayé de reproduire les couleurs obsédants mais toujours belles. 

    Here I love the threatening skies above this couple, lost perhaps in a melancholic moment as the day draws to a close. I tried to capture the haunting yet beautiful colours.


    Clew Bay

  • Commentaires

    Mardi 1er Janvier 2013 à 21:16

    A wonderful image for this new year. great works!

    Happy 2013 to you !

    Vendredi 11 Janvier 2013 à 17:43

    Thank you very much for your kind comment.  I am really very happy whenever I get a comment on one of my pieces .. and this really encourages me to keep painting and drawing.

    Happy New Year !!



    Mardi 15 Janvier 2013 à 20:34

    Dear Rebecca.

    Thank you again for your positive comments and encouraging of my paintings and works. I invite you to go back to my Blog : http://gve-artiste-peintre.eklablog.com if you want and leave your comments on my guestbook if you wish.

    I encourage you to continue to have fun and to thrive in painting and drawing, drawing inspiration inside you, with your mind, with your imagination and your heart. It is so  happiness, joyfully when we create something with his guts.

    Being French, I hope you will forgive me for my bad english.

    Do you speak a little French ?

    If one day you come to France, I would be happy to meet you and welcome you.

    I kiss you with all my sympathy.

    Gratienne VOISIN ELOY French Painter Artist

    Blog : http://gve-artiste-peintre.eklablog.com

    Samedi 19 Janvier 2013 à 11:14

    Très beau ciel, en effet! J'aime beaucoup sa noirceur agitée.

    J'ai un doute, tu avais demandé à inscrire ton site sur le répertoire (ce qui était impossible, si je me souviens bien, car hébergé ailleurs), mais maintenant tu pourrais venir inscrire le blog, oui? Je viens de vérifier tu n'y es pas!

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