• The Atelier des Beaux-Arts Baudelaire in Paris offers courses in drawing, painting, engraving, lithography, sculpture, modeling, assembly, morphology, photography, computer graphics, animation, database architecture, perspective and art history.


    Atelier des Beaux-Arts Baudelaire (Paris 75012)



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  • Whilst babysitting my two favourite cats this summer I set up my paints in their garden and working from a photograph taken at dusk in Clew Bay (West of Ireland) I attempted to portray the light across the bay silhouetting a solitary figure punting across the water.







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  • Perhaps one of my favourite graphite pencil pieces. 
    I spent days working with light and shade techniques to try and give relief and intaglio to this composition. I was so pleased when this piece was selected for the Art Atelier’s annual exhibition in 2012.


    Graphite Pencil

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  • Figure drawing is the traditional cornerstone art training. The human figure offers so many challenges to an aspiring artist. We were asked to use only one sheet of paper. Through fast multiple poses of ten minutes each, this exercise helped me to loosen up and practice making quick judgements about the figure.

     On nous a demandé d'utiliser une seule feuille de papier. De multiples poses de dix minutes chacune... cet exercice m'a aidé à me détendre le bras et à faire des jugements rapides sur la figure.



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